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It’s one thing to fund innovation. It’s quite another to make innovation possible.

Creating strategic partnerships with private industry, the public sector and philanthropic community members is just another way the University Hospital Foundation serves as a catalyst for innovation and advances patient care at the University of Alberta Hospital.

Partnerships created since 2015 have led to even greater benefits to Albertans by:

Unlocking the opportunity for more significant funding to researchers
Playing an integral role in the recruitment and retention of leaders
Accelerating new ideas in alignment with our partners in Alberta Health Services
Strategic Partnerships

Meet our Partners

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Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies

The Johnson & Johnson Alberta Health Innovation Partnership's (JAHIP) primary goal is to support innovation and advancement of patient and health system outcomes in life sciences.

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Servier Canada

The Servier Alberta Innovation in Health Fund is focussed on fostering and accelerating research in cardiac sciences, diabetes, oncology and neurology.

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Astellas Pharma Canada

The Alberta Transplant Innovation Fund (ATIF) is a pan-provincial partnership that has transformed the world of organ transplantation - sooner than you may think.

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Boehringer Ingelheim

Alberta Boehringer Ingelheim Collaboration (ABIC) is focussed on the area of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and its associated co-morbidities.

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Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk Alberta Diabetes Fund (NOVAD) is a collaboration with Alberta based researchers leading the fight on diabetes and obesity.

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Takeda Canada

The goal of the Takeda Alberta Health Collaboration Fund (TAHC) is to translate how nutrition can improve and potentially resolve GI disease using personalized therapies.

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Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Innovation

Coordinating Alberta’s Recovery Plan by supporting job creators and businesses, diversifying the economy and encouraging innovation. (Formerly Economic Development, Trade and Tourism)

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The 2021 Alberta Roche Collaboration in Health (ARCH) is focused on projects from basic science to clinic research in the area of Neuroscience, with an attention to fostering and accelerating health innovation in Alberta.

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Dr. Jodi L. Abbott, President and CEO

Collaborations like these allow us to push the boundaries of care and knowledge and improve access to care for Albertans living with these life-changing health conditions.

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Amanda Radakovitch
Chief Culture & Experience Officer

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Less than one-third of donated lungs are suitable for transplantation. The rest are discarded, along with hearts, kidneys, livers and other organs deemed too damaged to transplant. At least that’s how it was before the Ex-Vivo Organ Support System (EVOSS).

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