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With over 55,000 patient visits every year, the Dianne and Irving Kipnes Urology Centre is the go-to centre across much of western and northern Canada for urologic care.

With ongoing donor support, it’s also a launch pad for innovation that will:

Develop new strategies to beat prostate cancer when traditional therapies fail
Advance translational research that will improve care for patients with other urologic conditions
Advance ongoing research seeking a way to stop metastatic prostate cancer from spreading to other areas of the body

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It’s no fun traveling to one place to see a doctor, another to see a specialist, then another for a test, then back to the doctor for the results, who sent them to the specialist, who’s ordered another test. Especially when you have cancer.

At the Dianne and Irving Kipnes Urology Centre, urologists, medical and radiation oncologists, clinical pharmacologists and specially trained nurses all work together, under the same roof. When you see one of them, you can see all of them. That’s a full team of experts – with the most advanced diagnostic and monitoring equipment, and surgical technology, including robotics, at their immediate disposal – on your side of the battle.

Patient-centered, multi-disciplinary care for men and women living with painful, in some cases, deadly, urologic disease such as prostate cancer, urinary tract infections, kidney stones and bladder control problems.

Dr. Trevor Schuler, Medical Director

The goal of the centre is for every patient to have access to faster diagnosis and improved treatment and management of prostate cancer and other urologic diseases.


Predicting the Unpredictable

Dr. John Lewis, who won a University Hospital Foundation Kaye Competition Award in 2017, credits the funding he received with advancing his now attention-grabbing research in prostate cancer to a new level.

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