Ignite 2030

Setting a Bold Course

As we know, 2020 was a dramatic year of challenge, disruption and unprecedented change. No individual, organization or business has been untouched, including the University Hospital Foundation.

We have learned that assumptions made in the past may no longer hold true and that the most successful organizations are those that are able to adjust quickly, switch gears when needed, and boldly disrupt longstanding approaches to achieve better results.
Thatโ€™s exactly what Ignite 2030 signals for the future.

Declaring our promise

We are agents of hope. Our purpose is to continuously seek, inspire and lead bold solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges and ignite new discoveries in health.

Four strategic imperatives will guide our actions


Health Ecosystem Leadership


Partnership Impact


Thought Leadership


Revenue Generation

Strategic Imperatives

Health ecosystem leadership

We are unique in that we are focused on a leading academic health centre. The University of Alberta Hospital has innovation embedded in its culture. It is where the most desperately ill or injured patients go for life-saving care. To that end, we will continuously strive to achieve better health and health outcomes, including for members of indigenous and underserved communities.

Strategic Imperatives

Partnership impact

Our partners are inspired to make a difference. They partner with us because they believe we have the ability to connect their generosity and transform their gifts and contributions into new treatments, cures and prevention programs. It is through them that we will achieve the promise of Ignite 2030.

Strategic Imperatives

Thought leadership

Research happening right here in Alberta has the potential to explore and test new models of care, discoveries and treatments, and approaches to preventing illnesses. We can be at the forefront of much of this work, with the goal of improving the overall health of people in our community and beyond.

Strategic Imperatives

Revenue generation

To continue the essential work we do, the University Hospital Foundation not only has to sustain and enhance our current approaches but expand our efforts to reach new potential donors and explore new approaches. We will demonstrate the value and impact of every dollar raised.

Strategic plan

Ignite 2030