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With such breathtaking advancements as incision-free brain surgery and Canada’s first Stroke Ambulance, the Brain Centre at the University of Alberta Hospital gives patients with serious brain and spine conditions their best chance ever to survive, and live healthy, productive lives.

Now, even more generosity is needed as our researchers and clinicians continue to pursue some of the most complex issues of our time, such as:

Restoring memory in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
Putting a stop to multiple sclerosis
Building a new, state-of-the-art neurosciences intensive care unit

The Brain Centre Campaign

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The University Hospital Foundation’s Brain Centre Campaign has elevated brain care in Edmonton to a level that a decade ago was unimaginable. Yet there’s still more work to be done. Too many brain conditions are still without fast, accurate ways to diagnose, cure and prevent.

And without a fully re-constructed neurosciences intensive care unit, our medical teams will be stretched even more to provide life-saving care to thousands of brain patients each year who need nothing less to survive.

World-class brain care is only possible with support from people like you.

Help us keep the Brain Centre at the University of Alberta Hospital on the forefront of research, innovation and patient care. With the best people working together in the best environments, a new paradigm of brain care will unfold.

Brain Care

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Canada's first Stroke Ambulance

The University of Alberta Hospital's Stroke Ambulance is the first of its kind in Canada, and one of only two in the world that serves a rural population. The team can treat stroke patients en route to the hospital and administer clot-busting drugs.

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Dan & Bunny Widney Intraoperative MRI Surgical Suite

The flagship of the neurosurgery program is a surgical suite where surgeons can take images of their patients’ brains during surgery, and carry out next steps immediately. The suite is also home to the world class Zeiss Kinevo Microscope.

Neurovascular Interventional Suites

The neurovascular interventional suites allow surgeons to perform life-saving clot-retrieval procedures on stroke patients who are down to their last option. Advanced imaging in the suites also accommodates procedures on patients with brain aneurysms and spinal cord injuries.

Advanced Imaging & Gamma Knife Centre

The Scott and Brown Families Advanced Imaging & Gamma Knife Centre brings together the most advanced 3T magnetic resonance imaging with non-invasive gamma knife technology.

Doreen Lutsky Hooper Rehabilitation Clinic

The Doreen Lutsky Hooper Rehabilitation Clinic enables patients with brain conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s to participate in programs that promote activity and encourage independence.

Future Neuro Sciences Intensive Care Unit

The current Neuro ICU was built in the mid-eighties and struggles with capacity. When completed, the new Leona and Kenneth Biggs & Dr. Peter B.R. Allen Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit will give more critically ill and injured patients the best chance to recover and return to their families - and their lives.

Dr. Keith Aronyk

In terms of brain, spine and peripheral nerve conditions, there is virtually nothing we can’t do here in Edmonton.

Patient Story

Mona Nashman Smith

Not everyone gets invited to Buckingham Palace to receive the Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire – but Mona Nashman Smith of Edmonton did. Honoured for her work in international education, Mona spent almost 25 years developing education for students from around the world.

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