Make your will a way to save a life

What can your will do?

Planned gifts have helped bring advancements to the University of Alberta Hospital, such as incision-free brain surgery, world class cardiac care and NASA funded transplant research, a gift in your will can do the same.

Gifts in your will

Remembering the University Hospital Foundation in your will is an act that is generous, powerful, and surprisingly simple.

Gifts of charitable annuities

This allows you to make a gift to the University Hospital Foundation, while at the same time securing guaranteed income for life.

Gifts of life insurance

Many people find gifts of life insurance an affordable way to support the University Hospital Foundation and you will enjoy the tax benefits in your lifetime.

Gifts of retirement funds

A gift of Retirement Savings might be the right investment for you.

Gifts of securities

You can make a healthy investment and reduce your taxes by donating shares to the University Hospital Foundation.

Getting started

For many of us, it’s important to know that we’ve made a difference; leaving the world a better place for our loved ones when we are gone. By including a bequest or other legacy gifts as part of your estate plan, you will help to ensure that future generations continue to benefit from the latest advancements in care.

Without a will, provincial law dictates who receives your estate and in what proportions. If you die without a will, you have no control over who will inherit your property. Under Alberta’s Wills and Succession Act, your estate will be distributed according to a single, specific formula that is applied to everyone.

We recommend that you work with a lawyer when preparing your will, and consult with your accountant or financial planning advisor when making your estate plans. This will help to ensure that your intentions are clear and take into account the most current tax and estate laws. Charitable tax receipts are issued for gifts received through charitable bequests. We would be honoured to meet with you to discuss your charitable intentions and assist you in creating a meaningful legacy.

Exclusively For Our Planned Giving Donors

Gold Leaf Society

Virtual Estate Planning Seminar

Watch the University Hospital Foundation’s Virtual Estate Planning Seminar to learn how to properly prepare your estate, and how leaving a legacy gift can not only save lives but offset taxes. This seminar features legal and financial planning experts Baerach Anderson and Rob Campbell, renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Keith Aronyk, and special guest Cathy Housdorff.

If you are interested in legacy giving, please contact Caroline Thompson, Director of Philanthropy at

The Lifeso's Story

When he was 43, Michael Lifeso had a heart attack. Shortly after his recovery, his lungs began to fail – eventually to the point where they stopped working. His parents, Clayton and Betty, were told their son did not have long to live.