Gifts of Life Insurance

Many people find gifts of life insurance an affordable way to support the University Hospital Foundation and you will enjoy the tax benefits in your lifetime. Contact us to learn more or talk to your financial planner.

Gifts of Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance, whether it’s an existing policy or a new one, can turn your small monthly premiums into a significant donation. The insurance benefit will eventually be paid directly to the University Hospital Foundation and is separate from your estate, so there are no administrative costs or probate fees. 

Working with your financial planner, you can set up a life insurance gift by transferring ownership of an existing policy, creating a new one or changing the beneficiary to the University Hospital Foundation. Your gift will support the future of healthcare in Alberta, while you enjoy the tax benefits in your lifetime.

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The following are sample clauses only and should be reviewed by a lawyer or estate planner before being included in your will. Download PDF

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Canada offers some of the most generous tax incentives for charitable giving in the world, making it easy for you to give. Download PDF

The Lifeso's Story

When he was 43, Michael Lifeso had a heart attack. Shortly after his recovery, his lungs began to fail – eventually to the point where they stopped working. His parents, Clayton and Betty, were told their son did not have long to live.

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