Johnson & Johnson Alberta Health Innovation Partnerships

Janssen Inc., a pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson, has been an innovator in the Canadian healthcare industry for over 50 years. The Johnson & Johnson Alberta Health Innovation Partnership (JAHIP) is a $3.8 million collaboration between the Government of Alberta, Janssen Inc. and the University Hospital Foundation.

The primary goal of JAHIP is to support innovation and advancement of patient and health system outcomes in specific life sciences areas including:

Prostate Cancer Research
Building Leadership in Real World Evidence
Gastrointestinal Health & Microbiome Health Research
Accessing Expertise through Innovation Centres

Prostate Cancer Projects and Impact

Four $75,000 grants were awarded to Alberta based researchers in the area of Prostate Cancer

Dr. John Lewis

One in seven men in Alberta will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime, making it the leading men's cancer, but if detected early, there is a 95 per cent survival rate. This project is aimed at predicting prostate cancer metastasis using a biofluid diagnostic approach. Outcomes from this study led to the creation of Entos Pharmaceuticals inc. and Nanostics Inc, two Alberta-based companies.

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Dr. Hyndman

Project 1

This project is using biofluid biomarkers to distinguish indolent from aggressive prostate cancer. The funding created a biomarker panel test that can reliably distinguish between these two forms of the disease and changes clinical practice as it has eliminated the need for the current overtreatment of this malignancy.

Dr. Hyndman

Project 2

The second project funding studied prostate proteases, protease-activated receptors (PARs) and prostate cancer progression. The study identified tumor cell-derived PAR-regulating proteases and their impact on PAR signaling to trigger inflammatory cytokine production and tumor cell invasion as a measure of aggressive behaviour.

Dr. Quon

Funding provided a pilot study of changes in androgen receptor splice variant status in patients with localized prostate cancer undergoing androgen deprivation and radiotherapy.

Dr. John Lewis, CEO of Nanostics

We’re joining the fight against COVID-19 by using our ClarityDX technology to rapidly and accurately predict which COVID-19 patients are at risk for developing severe disease.

Real World Evidence Projects and Impact

Three Real World Evidence (RWE) projects were awarded through JAHIP

Dr. Lawrence Richer


Real World Evidence project "The Use of Long Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Therapy for Schizophrenia"

Carole Chambers


Real World Evidence Project "Abiraterone in Post Docetaxel use in Alberta"

Dr. Kay Rittenbach


Mental Health and Addictions Strategic Clinical Network, Real World Evidence Projet "Treatment of Resistant Depression: The Alberta Perspective"

Research Competitions

Research funding is paving the way for advancements in all areas of care at the University of Alberta Hospital, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and Kaye Edmonton Clinic. Research Competitions

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Nanostics Announces Launch of its Clinical Validation Study for ClarityDX Prostate, partially funded by the University Hospital Foundation and JAHIP. Read More

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