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The Takeda Alberta Health Collaboration Fund is a pan-provincial collaboration focused on improving the long term health outcomes, quality of life, and economic prosperity for Albertans suffering with digestive diseases. The University Hospital Foundation, Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Innovation, and Takeda Canada through the Calgary Health Trust have jointly invested $1.7 million into the partnership.

Alberta's Collaboration of Excellence for Nutrition in Digestive Diseases (Ascend) is focused on three pillars:


Developing and evaluating nutrition-based therapies in gastrointestinal disease

Patient Experience

Using personalized medicine to provide evidence-based nutrition care to patients with GI disease

Knowledge Sharing

Providing nutrition-focused training and education to patients and practitioners, and advocating for enhanced nutrition delivery in acute and primary care

Current Competition

2021 Takeda Alberta Collaboration in Health

The University Hospital Foundation (UHF), and Takeda Canada Inc. (Takeda), are excited to announce a health collaboration opportunity to help better understand the impact of rare disorders on Canadians and the health system.

  1. Framework for Observational Studies in Patients with Rare Diseases using the network of AB Health System data
  2. Validation of Content and Quality of AB Health System Data (to be able to generate RWE for regulatory or HTA purposes.

The 2021 Takeda Alberta Collaboration in Health RFP deadline is now closed.

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Amanda Radakovitch
Chief Culture & Experience Officer

Research into Gastrointestinal Conditions

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From prevention programs to acute treatments that enhance the quality of life for survivors, this collaboration is funding cutting edge research, and taking an innovative and comprehensive approach to understand the role nutrition can play in numerous types of digestive diseases. The below internationall recognized researchers are performing studies on inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal failure, and cirrhosis.

In the past several decades, prevlance of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) has rapidly increased. Canada has one of the highest rates in the world and there is currently no cure.

“Patients describe IBD or Crohn’s Disease as an inner demon that’s impossible to defeat, and are bombarded with medications after diagnosis. There is potentially new hope for disease management in patients with IBD using personalized anti-inflammatory diet therapy, which improves diet quality and meeting nutrient recommendations.” said Dr. Raman.

Each principal investigator receiving funding through TAHC has been recognized individually for their contributions academically and clinically, you can imagine what these three passionate women are achieving together.

Dr. Maitreyi Raman, Medical Director of Ascend

Dr. Puneeta Tandon, Co-Director of Ascend

Dr. Leah Gramlich, Co-Director of Ascend


Gamze Yuceland, General Manager, Takeda Canada

At Takeda, we are driven to make a real difference in the lives of Canadians with digestive diseases.

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