Transforming Lives: Why You Should Become a Monthly Donor to the University Hospital Foundation

In time, all of us experience challenges with our health, or the health of our loved ones. Our parents get older, friends get sick and we ourselves may decide to start a family, or face unexpected illnesses or injuries. According to the Canadian Institute for Health information, “in 2021–2022, there were almost 2.9 million acute inpatient hospitalizations in Canada, up from 2.7 million visits in 2020–2021.”

The fact is, we all must visit or be admitted to a hospital at some point in our lives.The good news is that the University Hospital Foundation is working toward a bold purpose, to transform and redefine health so that everyone can live a longer, happier life — and you are the key to making this happen.

Fact: Donations of all size are critical to saving lives

Like many nonprofits, donations are key to our ability to motivate, connect and empower top-notch hospitals, physicians, scientists and healthcare professionals to make critical treatments, cures, and the possibilities beyond current patient care a reality. There are lots of ways to donate, but we are only going to highlight one way — monthly donations.

Monthly donations are exactly what they sound like: a monthly donation made automatically from your credit card.This easy option has multiple benefits for you, and the organization you’re supporting:

  • A bigger impact over time
  • An easy-to-budget monthly cost
  • Big benefits come tax season
  • Easier forecasting for the organization
  • Community and transparency
  • Tangible results
Multiply Your Impact Over Time

Your monthly donations can have a significant cumulative effect. For instance, a $50 monthly donation adds up to $600 annually. This multiplied contribution empowers groundbreaking research, clinical trials, and patient care. Even a small monthly donation will amass substantial support over a year or multiple years.helps charities forecast their funding, budget their finances, and plan future charitable projects and initiatives

Make Budgeting Easy

Since many of us are paid monthly, and budget our finances for monthly spending, adding a per-month donation line to the budget spreadsheet might make supporting our cause more manageable than a one-time, larger donation. Over the course of 12 months, that donation will have a snowball effect — ensuring you make the most impact with your monthly contribution.

A Bigger Impact on Your Taxes

At the end of the tax year, you’ll receive a tax receipt for your total contribution — this is when you get to see the impact of your monthly commitment! Apply the total amount to your taxes to take advantage of provincial and federal tax credits. If you’ve ever been caught in December (when the budget is already tight) needing to make a large charitable donation to claim on your taxes, pre-planning a monthly donation might be the perfect solution!

Easier Forecasting = Bolder Innovation

Your continued commitment to our organization helps us forecast our funding, budget our finances, and plan future projects and initiatives. With you behind us, we can commit ourselves to more projects and push for bolder solutions.

Join Our Community and Discover Tangible Results

Becoming a monthly donor means joining a community of individuals who share your passion for health, hope, and innovation. Together, we can achieve more than we ever could alone. We’ll be in touch to share the impact of your commitment. Through our newsletters, social media and other communications, you’ll come to understand the difference that your donations make to health care in Alberta and around the world. When you stick around, you get to watch the innovation happen over time, with front-row seats as we continuously seek, inspire, and support bold solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges and ignite new discoveries in health.

Your decision to become a monthly donor to the University Hospital Foundation isn’t just a donation; it’s a commitment to transforming lives. Join us in our mission to inspire a healthier, happier future for all.

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