Charitable tax receipts: How giving back helps you, too  

October 24, 2023

Donors to the University Hospital Foundation (UHF) have been powering a lifesaving cause—igniting innovation in health care to save the lives of friends, family and neighbors here in Alberta and across Canada. But did you know those donation dollars can do double duty and help you in return?

Let’s get straight to the point: charitable tax receipts can be a game-changer for you and the causes you care about.  


Here’s how: 

Donate to a qualifying organization 

To receive a charitable giving tax receipt, your donation must go to a qualifying organization determined by the Income Tax Act. These include registered Canadian Charities (not-for-profits), national arts service organizations and Canadian amateur athletic associations. As a qualifying registered charity, the UHF takes the guesswork out of where to donate—you can check our registration status on the CRA website here. 

Of course, simply being a qualifying organization isn’t the only reason for you to choose the UHF. Your gift will empower world-class doctors, researchers and clinicians at the University of Alberta Hospital to advance innovative research and state-of-the-art technology and realize the critical treatments, cures and possibilities beyond today’s bedside. Together, we will redefine health and ensure our friends, families and neighbours live longer, healthier lives!  


Get your official donation receipt

You can’t claim a charitable tax credit or deduction without an official donation receipt. Charities are not required to issue receipts, and some will have policies around the donation size required to receive one.

At the UHF, when you make an online donation, you will receive a donation receipt via email. We will mail your donation receipt to your provided address for any in-person donation or other donation method. Save these receipts! When it comes time to file your taxes, you will be asked to enter any donations to qualifying charities and organizations for that year. This simple email or piece of paper can significantly impact your return.

Reduce your tax bill with your charitable tax receipts

The Canadian government encourages charitable giving by offering tax incentives, namely a CRA donation tax credit. When you claim your charitable tax receipt, you can offset your taxable income, lowering the taxes you owe. It’s a win-win scenario for you and the causes you support.

The tax credit you receive for charitable donations depends on your donation amount and where you live. The first $200 earns a 15% credit for federal taxes and amounts over that usually get a 29% credit. High-income individuals can receive a 33% credit in the highest tax bracket.

Did you know — Albertans get more out of their donations?

Thanks to a private member’s bill passed last December, Albertans will now receive an additional 60% tax credit on the first $200 of qualified donations. That means you could claim a 75% credit this year combined with the federal tax credit. That’s a major increase from the previous year when the combined credit was only 25%!

If you’ve never reaped the benefits from charitable donations on your taxes before, now’s definitely the time.

If you don’t owe taxes this year, there are carry-forward options

If you don’t owe any tax this year, don’t worry! Donations can be carried forward up to five years or combined with a spouse’s or common-law partner’s tax return. You may also decide to break up donation amounts and carry forward the difference to maximize your return. For example, if you made a $1,000 donation, only the first $200 is eligible for the 75% credit in Alberta. You might decide to carry forward $800 to split over the next five years.

This flexibility ensures that your generosity benefits you even when your financial situation changes.

Donate today = Save tomorrow

The tax benefits of your contributions can significantly impact your financial well-being, allowing you to make an even greater difference in the world. So, let’s make a bold move together—invest in the UHF and see your impact flourish.

Your donations are more than just financial transactions; they’re a testament to your commitment to positive change. Every dollar you contribute to the UHF brings us closer to our shared vision of transforming and redefining health.

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