Announcing the University Hospital Foundation’s 2021 Audrey Greenough Award of Merit recipients

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – University Hospital Foundation’s (UHF) signature events and campaigns could not achieve the success we’ve enjoyed without our selfless community of volunteers. These individuals, brought together by a shared belief that we can improve the health of Albertans and people around the world, are the reason we are able to put on exciting and memorable events like our annual Festival of Trees and continue our work to seek solutions to complex health conditions.

It is volunteer support over the past ten years that has helped the UHF bring more than $220 million towards advancing patient care at the University of Alberta Hospital site and supporting research and innovation that will be felt across the globe.

Congratulations to 2021 Audrey Greenough Award of Merit recipients, Dawn Harrison and Katharyn Webb 

This Thursday, April 28, 2022, we were pleased to host an intimate Volunteer Appreciation Event where we awarded the 2021 Audrey Greenough Award of Merit to Dawn Harrison and Katharyn Webb. Founded in 2002 and awarded annually, recognizes exemplary volunteer service, personal philanthropy and donor advancement in volunteers of the UHF – traits Dawn and Katharyn have shown time and time again.Volunteer Award Winners

As dedicated members of the Site Design team, Dawn and Katharyn’s work has been integral in the look and “feel” of the Festival of Trees, where they help to design, create and install decorations that bring the theme of the festival to life. More recently, they started managing Decorate and Deliver, a program that provides beautiful, professional décor and Christmas trees for showrooms and offices spaces of businesses that donate to the fundraising cause.

“Working with amazing volunteers over the years, developing lifelong friendships, and helping raise money for so many great causes has been a privilege,” says Dawn Harrison of her experience volunteering with the UHF, “I always say I get way more out of volunteering than I put into it.”

Together, Dawn and Katharyn have provided nearly 30 years of volunteer service – an amount that  equates to no less than hundreds of hours for the UHF and the crucial causes that benefit from the Festival of Trees.

When asked about her thoughts on volunteering, Katharyn shared:

“Volunteering should be a part of everyone’s life, whether it’s an hour a week or many hours! There is always someone or a group in need of assistance. Moreover, it’s not just doing a task for someone else, it’s rewarding to know that you have helped another person in some small way. Additionally, the people who volunteer are kind and compassionate and simply great people to be around. The recognition is lovely, but I would like to add it’s important to remember that the success of the Festival of Trees is a team accomplishment.”

On behalf of the University Hospital Foundation, we are deeply appreciative of the enthusiasm, dedication and excellence Katharyn, Dawn, and indeed every volunteer have given to support the important causes we fundraise for.

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