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Participate in Heart Month each February to raise critical funds for the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute (the Maz). Support cardiac care in Alberta by joining the University Hospital Foundation at the Maz Move-A-Thon, during Heart Pledge Day on up! 99.3 or by starting your very own fundraising event.

Maz Move-A-Thon

For the entire month of February, our community comes together to get up and get moving for the Maz. Participants walk, run, dance, cycle, practice yoga, or even rock climb in this fundraising competition to claim Top Fundraising Team.

Heart Pledge Day

Join the University Hospital Foundation annually on February 23 from 6 AM to 6 PM on up! 99.3 for our radio event to raise funds and awareness about the world-class cardiac care at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute.

Virtual Expedition: The Medical Research Team that Could

Our popular Virtual Expedition series takes our audience to places in the Maz they’ve never been before. Through progressive innovation, Dr. Welsh and his team have revolutionized the delivery of care to heart attack patients.

Show Your Heart, Participate in

Champion Events

We have an amazing community in Edmonton and a number of Businesses have stepped up to show just how much heart they have.

Help our community step up, join in on the fun by supporting the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Insitute and local businesses this February.

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