Gifting gratitude to frontline workers

For many people, gratitude is the feeling that arises when thinking of healthcare professionals. That sense of thankfulness has only grown through the pandemic. That’s why, in 2021, the University Hospital Foundation (UHF) found a way to extend the gratitude of our donors to some of the many healthcare professionals that support the University of Alberta Hospital site.

Recognizing our Frontline Heroes

The University Hospital Foundation’s 2021 Festival of Trees launched “Gifts of Gratitude”, a unique, limited project and addition to that year’s hybrid virtual-and-in-person events and activities. The program allowed donors to purchase curated gifts which were then provided to frontline workers. Donors and sponsors alike jumped at the opportunity to provide gifts, such as curated gifts and gift cards for meals and experiences, that extended their tremendous community spirit and support to frontline workers, as well as their families. “The pandemic impacted and stretched us all in ways none of us could have imagined, and none moreso than our frontline heroes. The generous donors to the UHF wanted frontline workers to feel love, support and, ultimately, the gratitude from our community for their sacrifices to help keep us safe and healthy. In planning these gifts, the UHF recognized that frontline workers are also parents, spouses and family members, so we designed these Gifts of Gratitude to be shared.” said Experience & Signature Events Director Kevin Radomski.

200 Frontline Workers Received Gifts of Gratitude

Thanks to generous donors from across Alberta, 200 frontline healthcare workers were randomly selected to receive a Gift of Gratitude through the 2021 Festival of Trees. In response to these gifts, frontline workers reached out over the phone, email and Twitter to express their gratitude. “As an infectious disease clinical pharmacologist on the ID team, we have had extremely long days with no end in sight.” shared one recipient. “We really appreciate this token of gratitude. Thank you!” Each box purchased not only supported frontline workers, either. Because these gifts were a part of the Festival of Trees, they contributed to the 2021 Festival of Trees cause, making it possible for the UHF to reach our goal of $1 million to improve the quality of life of Albertans living with end-stage kidney disease.

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