University of Alberta Hospital

Reaching new heights in innovation and excellence

The University of Alberta Hospital, located in Edmonton, Alberta, is a world leader in patient care, academic research and training.

As one of Canada’s leading clinical, research and teaching hospitals, the University of Alberta Hospital receives more than 2,400 patient visits per day from across Alberta, western Canada and the Northwest Territories.

The hospital is a renowned referral centre offering a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services, including specialized services in neurosciences, surgery, medicine, renal care, organ and tissue transplant, critical care, emergency and trauma care, and burn treatment.


1,058,341 patient visits in 2021/22 at the University of Alberta Hospital site


87,939 patients from outside of the Edmonton zone


11,828 patients from outside Alberta

A History of Excellence

Since 1906, the University of Alberta Hospital has played a pivotal role in the healthcare of Albertans and western Canadians. 

It’s also been home to some of the most significant innovations and breakthroughs in modern medical history:

1906 – The 15-bed Strathcona Community Hospital opens its doors.

1914 – Dr. Tory establishes a Faculty of Medicine, creating a teaching hospital and establishing the foundation of excellence in education and research that continues today.

1919 – The new, expanded, 90 bed Campus Hospital is complete.

1956 – Dr. John Callaghan performs the first successful open heart surgery in Canada.

1962 – The hospital introduces long term hemodialysis for patients living with kidney failure – a first in Canada.

1986 Canada’s first intensive care unit dedicated to patients with life-threatening conditions of the brain and spinal cord opens.

1999 – The Edmonton Protocol, a procedure for transplanting islet cells for patients with diabetes, receives worldwide recognition.

2009 – Opening of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, making the University of Alberta Hospital site home to world class cardiac patient care, research and innovation.

2019 – Successful completion of the $70 million Brain Centre Campaign – bringing such eye-popping innovation as incision-free brain surgery and Canada’s first Stroke Ambulance to Edmonton.

2020 – Diagnostic equipment and the state-of-the-art cardiovascular intensive care unit at the Maz enable the University of Alberta Hospital to assume a key role in the fight against COVID-19. 

“We are so grateful for donors to the University Hospital Foundation”

Cathy Osborne, Senior Operating Officer

HERE Magazine

Heroes. Models. Fundraisers.

Firefighters are heroes, racing to situations the rest of us try desperately to escape. What they see in the aftermath of a five-alarm blaze or horrific workplace accident can be heartstopping – people of all ages ravaged by burns to all parts of their bodies.

So the firefighters do something about it. They raise money to support the doctors and medical teams who care for burn survivors. And they have fun doing it because… why not?