Remembering a Philanthropic Legacy Donald Kaye

Remembering a Philanthropic Legacy

Donald Kaye will always be remembered for his transformational $30 million gift to the University Hospital Foundation. His legacy, however, is how his generosity is igniting change around the world for the future of health and healthcare.

From humble beginnings – Kaye grew up fatherless following the Depression on a farm near Brownvale, Alberta – his work ethic and vision for a better life carried him through high school and onwards as he moved to Edmonton to attend business school and later, to begin his career with an accounting firm and later with other national business endeavours.

He continued to advance his education by enrolling in courses at the University of Toronto Faculty of Extension and earning his designation as a FCI (Fellow Credit Institute) and an ICIA. He also enrolled in courses at the Banff School of Advanced Management.

In 1960, Kaye began investing in real estate. His first purchase was an apartment block in Edmonton’s Laurier Heights, followed by a shopping centre in Leduc and the Westbrook Shopping Centre in Edmonton. His investment portfolio also expanded into land development.

In transforming years of hard work, prudent decision-making and wise investing into one of the largest donations in the history of Canadian healthcare philanthropy, Kaye is sharing his vision for a better life with millions of Canadians and people around the world.

The University Hospital Foundation’s annual Kaye Competition, named in his honour, offers critical funding each year to inspiring researchers seeking solutions to some of the most challenging, destructive and recognized health issues of our time – such as hypertension, cancer, and diabetes – a condition that Kaye himself was familiar with.

In supporting such research, Kaye is ensuring that his gift will impact the most people he can possibly reach by inspiring researchers to look further, think bigger and aim even higher in their pursuits.

In short, he has given them, and the world, hope for a better future.

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