New Heartway™ Partnership to Tackle Heart Disease Prevention and Treatment in Alberta

The University Hospital Foundation is pleased to partner with Alberta Health and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. to introduce HeartwayTM, a unique collaboration aiming to transform cardiovascular care in Alberta.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death and disease related hospitalizations in Alberta and places an enormous burden on the healthcare system, costing approximately $1 billion per year. Nearly 40,000 new ASCVD cases are diagnosed per year and nearly 484,195 Albertans are living with ASCVD.

On March 22, 2022, Alberta Health, Novartis, and University Hospital Foundation signed an Memorandum of Understanding to test innovative solutions, technologies, and care pathways to reduce the impact of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD). The collaboration branded as “HeartwayTM” aims to protect thousands of Albertans living with ASCVD from experiencing major adverse cardiac events, and prevent deaths through innovative, proactive approaches to prevention.

“We believe all Albertans deserve the best possible care. To that end, drawing on the innovative capabilities offered through the HeartwayTM collaboration will allow us to move away from reactive care, enhance the quality and efficiency of services throughout the province and serve more people with cardiovascular disease closer to home. This has the potential to drive a powerful transformation in the heart health of our community.” – Dr. Jodi Abbott, President, and CEO of the University Hospital Foundation

With support from the Alberta Health Services Cardiovascular Strategic Clinical Network, HeartwayTM is leveraging the scope of practice for pharmacists and healthcare professionals for more targeted patient centered care in lipid management. Four Pilot Sites are developing and implementing lipid optimization pathways in community practice environments located in:

  • Sherwood Park, AB
  • Lethbridge, AB
  • Calgary, AB
  • Grande Prairie, AB

Under HeartwayTM, the pilot sites are implementing Lipid Optimization Pathways to identify high risk patients and engage them in a treatment protocol based on Canadian Cardiovascular Society 2021 Guidelines. Anticipated outcomes include:

  • Increased access to community-based care
  • Increased equity of access for rural, cultural, and marginalized populations
  • Demonstrated patient-centered practice with shared decision-making
  • Reduced incidence of cardiovascular hospitalizations and deaths
  • Reduced healthcare costs

The long-term strategy is to scale a transformational shift from disease management to prevention, resulting in healthier Albertans and a more resilient, sustainable health care system.

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