University of Alberta Hospital Community celebrates the impact of a visionary Edmonton philanthropist

Edmonton, AB – September 13, 2022 

On the morning of September 13, the University of Alberta Hospital community came together to celebrate the incredible impact of philanthropist Mr. Donald Kaye. This past February, Kaye passed away after years of support and incredible impact on the healthcare ecosystem here in Edmonton. In his lifetime, Kaye chose to dedicate his resources to supporting research in the delivery of clinical health services to Albertans through donations to the University Hospital Foundation. 

“Mr. Kaye’s historic gift to the University Hospital Foundation is one of the largest donations ever made to health care in Alberta. This important gift continues to allow for some of the most brilliant minds in medicine today to innovate beyond what would have ever been possible before.” said Dr. Jodi L. Abbott, President and CEO of the University Hospital Foundation. “His legacy will live on in inventive, new healthcare  approaches and revolutionary research – all only possible thanks to his generosity.” 

The University Hospital Foundation’s annual Kaye Competition, named in his honour, offers critical funding each year to inspiring researchers seeking solutions to some of the most challenging, destructive and recognized health issues of our time – such as hypertension, cancer, pulmonary care, and diabetes. 

In supporting such research, Kaye ensured that his gift will impact the most people he can possibly reach by inspiring researchers to look further, think bigger and aim even higher in their pursuits. 

In short, he has given them, and the world, hope for a better future. 

“Mr. Kaye’s remarkably generous philanthropic support for the University of Alberta Hospital and Kaye Edmonton Clinic has created a legacy through the Kaye Fund that will transform patient care through quality improvement and research innovation.  To date, the Kaye Competition has awarded $3.23 million to researchers and clinical teams who are using innovative approaches, new partnerships and bold ideas to bring the right people, resources and solutions together to advance patient care. We are immensely grateful for his gift, and the opportunity to honour his memory through this important work in pursuit of reaching our shared goal to make a difference in the lives of people facing life-changing illnesses.” commented Cathy Osborne, Alberta Health Services – Senior Operating Officer for the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, and the Kaye Edmonton Clinic 

Associate professor and respirologist in Pulmonary Medicine at the University of Alberta Dr. Alim Hirji shared, “It is through Mr. Kaye’s generosity that we have been able to enhance clinical care at the University of Alberta Hospital with the integration of innovative ways to take care of our patients. On our pulmonary ward, hospitalized patients on high-flow oxygen are now monitored with remote continuous telemonitoring cameras to prevent inadvertent oxygen removal, falls or aspirations. These cameras and monitoring services have been funded through the University Hospital Foundation’s Kaye Competition, and have significantly reduced the number of falls, admissions to critical care and deaths on our pulmonary unit, by using technology to enable frontline staff to intervene on preventable adverse events in a timely fashion.” 

Speakers from Alberta Health Services, the University of Alberta hospital site, the University Hospital Foundation, and personal friend to Kaye, Mr. Richard Ferguson, spoke to the gathered crowd on how Mr. Kaye has positively impacted health innovation in our province. In recognition of his significant financial commitment to UHF and to the future health of Albertans, the Province of Alberta announced the naming of the Kaye Edmonton Clinic at the University of Alberta Hospital in his honour in 2012. 


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The University Hospital Foundation (UHF) raises funds to advance patient care, research and innovation at the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the Kaye Edmonton Clinic, as well as research at the University of Alberta and care in the community through Alberta Health Services (AHS). As agents of hope, we boldly seek solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges, matching the determination and purpose-driven intensity of the healthcare teams we support. Using innovative approaches to philanthropy, including new partnerships and bold ideas to bring the right people, resources and solutions together, we are improving health, reducing the devastating impact of disease and addressing the inequitable health challenges faced by members of diverse cultures. 

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