A Lifetime of Generosity: Remembering Paddy Webb

Paddy Webb receiving the Peter Lougheed Award for Advancement of Health Sciences in 2014
The University Hospital Foundation is saddened by the recent loss of Patricia “Paddy” Webb, a dedicated volunteer and supporter, who passed away in late April at the age of 88. Paddy’s joyous generosity continues to transform and redefine health — a legacy that will never be forgotten at the Foundation, or beyond.

“My dad used to tell us, if you’ve got it, you give it,” said Paddy when asked to explain her generous spirit. A former X-ray technician at the University of Alberta Hospital, Paddy was involved with healthcare from the start.

Her family, including parents Curly and Gladys MacLachlan, were deeply supportive of diabetes research. It was partially their support which led to the development of the infamous Edmonton Protocol — a treatment that revolutionized diabetes care around the world. “Philanthropy was never seen or treated as something special,” Paddy said. “It was just something you did because you could. You gave your time. You gave whatever money you could afford. If you can do that for people, why wouldn’t you?”

Paddy would go on to create an amazing legacy of her own through her involvement with the University Hospital Foundation. For almost four decades, she supported every major fundraising campaign, including for Prostate Health, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the Brain Centre Campaign. Having lost her husband Ken to a brain tumour in 2007, she gave a transformational $1M donation to support the Brain Centre, where patients with serious brain and spine conditions discover their best chance to survive and live healthy, productive lives.

Paddy donated her time as well, serving on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees from 1999-2005, and as a Festival of Trees volunteer for decades. She also co-chaired the University Hospital Foundation’s Alumni Connection. To recognize her generosity, Paddy was awarded the Audrey Greenough award for Outstanding Service and Support in 2006, and the Peter Lougheed Award for the Advancement of Health Sciences in 2014.

“Paddy was a beautiful person, inside and out. The generosity of her spirit and joyful personality will not be forgotten,” says Dr. Jodi Abbott, President and CEO. “On behalf of the University Hospital Foundation, and the countless people she impacted, we extend our deepest sympathies to her children and grandchildren.” 

Paddy’s family have encouraged those wishing to honour her to donate in her memory. The difference Paddy made to healthcare in Alberta lives on through lives transformed and saved — an ongoing testament to her philanthropic legacy.

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