University Hospital Foundation Telemarketing

Public Outreach (PO) has been making calls on behalf of the University Hospital Foundation (UHF) since June 2020 as part of our donor outreach. PO contacts existing UHF donors along with Full House Lottery and Festival Of Trees 50/50 Raffle supporters to ask if they would like to join our monthly giving program, upgrade their current monthly gift, or reactivate their lapsed monthly gift.

You may receive a call from Public Outreach inviting you to become an agent of change. Additionally, they may also contact you to update your gift details or learn about more ways you can get involved. The phone number on your call display will be 780-809-2128 and the caller id will be UnivHospFound.


The UHF is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of the personal information of its staff, donors, visitors and volunteers. Before personal information is collected directly from its stakeholders, UHF will identify the purpose(s) for which the information is collected. UHF will not use or disclose personal information for any new use beyond that for which it was originally collected without first obtaining consent, except as required by law.

Consent may be withdrawn at any time with reasonable notice to UHF. Personal information that is considered by law to be in the public domain may be used without consent. Collection of personal information is limited to that which is necessary for the purposes identified and collected by fair and lawful means. UHF does not collect health information, other than that which is volunteered directly by the individual or their representative. Donor recognition and honorary acknowledgements will be disclosed by name unless the supporter indicates they may wish to remain anonymous.

UHF does not sell or rent donor lists. It does, however, exchange donor names from time to time with carefully selected charities as a cost-effective way to reach new potential donors. To opt-out, please contact us at or by calling 780.407.7007.

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How do I know the call is legitimate?

The phone number on your call display is UnivHospFound 780.809.2128. The caller’s names are Anila, Charisse, Nicholas, Steve, Natalie, Eric, and Jasmine. The caller will say “I am calling on behalf of the University Hospital Foundation.”

Please note our canvassing team is growing, so you may speak with a team member who has recently joined the team.

What company is doing the telemarketing?

Public Outreach. They are based in Vancouver and Toronto.

Are the telemarketers paid or volunteers?

Public Outreach hires paid telemarketers. Neither the vendor nor its staff are paid a commission and no bonus structure is in place for performance. This creates a no-pressure experience for University Hospital Foundation donors.

Why are you phoning me?

The University Hospital Foundation engages in Telemarketing for Monthly Donors. That means we are phoning our generous community of donors to let them know about our monthly giving program and ask if they would like to set up a monthly donation. A monthly donation is convenient for the donor and provides sustainable funding for the University Hospital Foundation.

How did you get my name?

You purchased a Full House Lottery ticket in 2021, which is a University Hospital Foundation fundraising activity. FHL supports both the University Hospital Foundation and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, so both foundations have access to the ticket purchaser information. We are happy to update our records so that you don’t hear from us again, but please note that we are separate from the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, and they may still have your name on a contact list. Or you purchased a Festival of Trees 50/50 Raffle Ticket in 2020, which is a University Hospital Foundation fundraising activity.

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