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Strokes can happen anytime, anywhere. Canada's first Stroke Ambulance has expanded our capacity to save the lives of stroke patients. Your support is critical in keeping the University of Alberta Hospital the go-to centre for stroke care in northern Alberta, the Northwest Territories, eastern British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

When it comes to strokes, time is brain


How do you get life-saving care to stroke victims faster? Put it on wheels, that’s how.

Equipped with its own CT scanner, lab equipment, and the technology needed to quickly process and send clear CT images of a potential stroke patient’s brain to a neurologist at the University of Alberta Hospital, Canada’s first, and still only, Stroke Ambulance has reduced time to treatment by almost half, which makes sense, given that instead of patients coming all the way to the hospital to receive treatment, the ambulance meets them half way.

For rural patients coming from as far as 400 kilometres away, that can make a difference of one to three hours between stroke onset and administration of the clot-busting drug tPA, performed by a nurse who is part of the ambulance crew. The ambulance is staffed by an Advanced Care Paramedic, Primary Care Paramedic, CT Technologist, Transport RN and a Stroke Physician.

The Stroke Ambulance has achieved 80% rate of good outcomes vs. 52% with usual care. Your support is needed to keep the Stroke Ambulance on the road.

Jim Brown, Brain Centre Campaign Co-Chair

The Stroke Ambulance is a tremendous example of the transformational impact the community can have on healthcare


Stroke Survivor Defies the Odds

Lorna Friess, 41, knew she was in trouble, she just couldn’t do anything about it. Alone in her home in South Cooking Lake (10 minutes east of Sherwood Park), Lorna collapsed in her living room one morning while attempting to get a glass of water. Lorna had suffered an ischemic stroke, or a stroke caused by a clot preventing blood from reaching her brain.

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