Heart Month

2023 Cause

The Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute is one of North America’s leading heart institutes, leading the fight against heart disease for thousands of western Canadians every year.

Your support of the 2023 Heart Month will keep the Maz at the forefront of cardiac patient care – and help beat heart disease.

Why support the maz?

Innovation takes time. Heart disease takes time away. Your support will enable some of the best and brightest minds in cardiac care – our innovators – to find new ways to treat patients through:

Research – using machine learning and artificial intelligence, our researchers will soon be able to predict the future for their patients.
Surgery – surgeons can now repair heart valves through an incision smaller than your baby finger. What’s next? Stay tuned.
Diagnostics – the best cardiac care begins with the most accurate, and fastest, diagnostic equipment and technology.

Brad's VAD

Brad Smoliak, a renowned local chef and owner of restaurant KITCHEN by Brad, is also the proud owner of a VAD – a mechanical heart. And he’s made it his goal to give back to the care teams at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute who are saving his life.

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