First Truck Centre Accepts the Challenge

First Truck Centre has joined the University Hospital Foundation on a campaign to raise money for Canada's first Stroke Ambulance. We have a challenge, and a world-class health platform that needs our help. Please consider donating to help us keep the Stroke Ambulance on the road saving Albertans.


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When a stroke happens, the clock starts.

If it’s an ischemic stroke, where a blood clot is preventing blood from getting to the brain, two million brain cells die every minute.

Without treatment, the results of an ischemic stroke can range from temporary impairment to permanent paralysis, speech and cognitive disabilities, and even death.

Taking all of this into account, it’s hard to imagine that a single innovative idea that is dramatically reducing the impact of stroke in northern Alberta could possibly exist – but it does.

The Stroke Ambulance has achieved 80% rate of good outcomes vs. 52% with usual care. Your support is needed to keep the Stroke Ambulance on the road.

Dr. Tom Jeerakathil, Stroke Neurologist

The rapid delivery of patients, from other centres, to the University of Alberta Hospital can make the difference between death or disability and functional independence for select patients.


To the Rescue

About 6,500 Albertans have a stroke every year, or roughly 18 every day. Lukas Jardine, 28, of Sherwood Park was one of them. His wife Celine was making breakfast when he stumbled into the kitchen.


The left side of his face had already begun to sag. His eye was drooping.

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