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The University of Alberta has made the difficult decision to cancel all in-person events at the Edmonton Convention Centre for the 2021 Festival of Trees. We appreciate the enthusiasm and commitment to volunteer at this cherished holiday tradition. For 2021, we will not require additional volunteers to support the hybrid Festival of Trees activations. As new opportunities to volunteer with the University Hospital Foundation become available, we welcome your support and encourage you to sign up for updates via Better Impact.

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Volunteers really do make our world go round! The Festival of Trees would not be possible without our amazing group of 2,000+ community ambassadors and volunteers, we are so very thankful for all the time and effort they put in to make Festival happen year after year.

Dedicated Volunteers

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Over 2,000 volunteers help run the Festival of Trees each year, and they are led by a dedicated group of committee chairs, Dawn is one of them.

When she was asked to paint some paper-mâché horses for a display at Festival of Trees, Dawn had no idea that it would lead to her being asked to be the Site Design Chair the following year. Dawn has now been the Site Design Chair for the Festival for about 15 years and also served as Luncheon Chair for seven years.

Dawn drives herself to create big and dream big. Collaborating with others, pushing others to go beyond their comfort zone, and having to adapt as a group as things change, which they always do, is a fun challenge, and gives her purpose.

Festival in a Box

Festival in a Box, presented by Cantiro Homes, is a curated, exclusive collection of items to help people celebrate the holiday season. Choose from three themes: Children’s, Date Night or Family.

Online Auction

Our Online Auction Features one-of-a-kind trees, festive wreaths, gingerbread creations and many other unique items that can only be purchased through this opportunity. Brought to you by SMS Equipment and Brid & Stuart Olson.

Gifts of Gratitude

Give our heroic frontline workers, and their families, a chance to enjoy a well-deserved something special when they need it most. For $500, each Gift of Gratitude will give frontline workers and their families items & gift cards.

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