Help Make life better for people with end-stage kidney disease

In Alberta, the prevalence of stage 3 and 4, the most severe stages, has increased 7.1% over the past two years.  Other than receiving a kidney transplant, which not all patients are approved for, or live long enough to benefit from, end-stage kidney disease is incurable. The only option patients have is some form of dialysis. And now – you. Through your generosity, the University Hospital Foundation is committed to making life better for everyone living with end-stage kidney disease.

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Donations to the Festival of Trees supports innovation and care for individuals in Alberta and beyond. The 2021 Festival of Trees is supporting the expansion of West Edmonton Kidney Care, a University of Alberta facility, and improving life for those suffering from end-stage kidney disease.

Improving Health Care in Alberta

Festival of Trees has raised over $22 million for critically important causes at the University of Alberta Hospital site. From bringing incision-free brain surgery technology to Edmonton to expanding intensive care for cardiac patients, funds raised have impacted patients from head to toe, inside and out.

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