Share the Joy with our Frontline Workers

Give our heroic frontline workers, and their families, a chance to enjoy a well-deserved something special when they need it most.

For $500, each Gift of Gratitude will give frontline workers and their families items & gift cards for things such as meals, experiences, and other treats curated from local vendors.
A gift of $5000 will Share the Joy with ten families!

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Show Your Gratitude

Our frontline workers have been through a lot in the past few years, show your appreciation for their risks and sacrifices with a Gift of Gratitude.

All Gifts of Gratitude purchasers will receive an email from our Customer Service Team that will give them the opportunity to provide a personal message of gratitude and encouragement to our frontline workers. All purchases are eligible for a 100% tax receipt.

Once you make your purchase we will do the rest, including delivery to our frontline workers.

Help us reach our goal to fill 800 Gifts of Gratitude!

Give Two Gifts in One

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While you show your gratitude for our frontline workers you are also supporting the University Hospital Foundation’s Festival of Trees 2021 cause, West Edmonton Kidney Care, a University of Alberta Hospital community facility.

For those diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease life can be exhausting, one of the first things to go is their independence. The demands of 12-16 hours of in-hospital dialysis every week, without fail, are tiring. Holding a job becomes a challenge. Their lives are not their own.

By taking their treatments at home, on their own schedule, when the timing is best for them, people living with end-stage kidney disease will feel better faster – and get their lives back.

Festival in a Box

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