You helped make life better for people living with end-stage kidney disease

One of the first things to go for people diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease is their independence. The demands of 12-16 hours of in-hospital dialysis every week, without fail, are exhausting. Holding a job becomes a challenge. Their lives are not their own.

Your support of the 2021 Festival of Trees helped change that by advancing training and education at West Edmonton Kidney Care, a University of Alberta Hospital community facility, for home therapy programs.

By taking their treatments at home, on their own schedule, when the timing is best for them, people living with end-stage kidney disease will feel better faster – and get their lives back.


Festival of Trees has raised over $22 million for critically important causes at the University of Alberta Hospital site. From bringing incision-free brain surgery technology to Edmonton to expanding intensive care for cardiac patients, your support has impacted patients from head-to-toe.

2021 CAUSE

In 2021, funds raised through the University Hospital Foundation’s Festival of Trees will support the Phase 2 expansion of West Edmonton Kidney Care, a University of Alberta Hospital community facility, to move the home hemo and peritoneal dialysis training and education programs into the centre. All dialysis options will be located under one roof, creating a comprehensive dialysis centre that will focus on patient comfort, wellness, and the delivery of excellence and innovation in kidney care.

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Patient Story

Safe at Home

Home hemodialysis has given me my life back, says Taryn. It’s convenient. It’s empowering. You dialyze when you want for as long as you want. And you feel so much better. You can do things that other people do. I work full time. I volunteer.

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