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Give back and save lives. As a successful business owner, you appreciate the value of your customers. By partnering with the University Hospital Foundation, you can give back to the people who have supported you by giving to a cause that’s critically important to them – their health. Our partners are inspired to make a difference in the lives of our patients and improve health in our community. They partner with us because we have the ability to connect their generosity and transform their gifts and contributions into new treatments, cures and prevention programs. Every area of care at the University of Alberta Hospital site has been advanced by generous gifts from our corporate partners.

Join us and strengthen your brand image through:

Tailored Experiences
Cause Marketing
Partner-Hosted Initiatives
Full House Lottery
Joe Sunner, Past President, Durabuilt Windows & Doors

“We never hesitate to give back. When I took over the business, we had 10 employees. None of our success would have ever happened without support from the community.”

Ways to Partner

Tailored Experiences

Showcase your involvement with the UHF to improve your company’s visibility. We will get creative and craft unique and engaging experiences tailored specifically to your long-term business objectives, social responsibility or community investment goals, and internal engagement needs. We leverage our resources to bring partnership experiences to life that will resonate with your team for years to come.


Cause Marketing

Support the UHF by donating a portion of profits from the sale of your chosen product or service. A cause marketing partnership can help your business increase sales, generate market awareness, and create goodwill with customers and the public.

Customers want to support businesses that help them give back to meaningful causes. We will work with you and your organization to find the best campaign to suit your needs.


Partner-Hosted Initiatives

Host a fundraising event or activity to benefit the UHF, and showcase your organization’s philanthropic interests to your community. Your team members will be able to take the reins and bring their own ideas to life, then gain support by rallying other staff, friends, families, and stakeholders around the initiative or event.


Full House Lottery

The UHF provides co-marketing opportunities for organizations who contribute a prize to the Full House Lottery. Every year, people buy tickets to support the University Hospital Foundation and Royal Alex Hospital Foundation through the Lottery, because they want to have an impact on the community, but also because they see value in the prizes being offered. Your organization can contribute a prize to help draw greater numbers of participants, ultimately benefiting the UHF, and allowing your business to be recognized by thousands of community members and acknowledged as an organization making a difference for the quality of health care in the region.

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Sean McLaughlin
Corporate Partnerships Officer

Corporate Partnerships Program

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